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Music Lessons   

Piano, violin, and viola, lessons are available to students of all ages, levels and backgrounds (classes are not church affiliated).  Multiple music studios within Emmanuel Episcopal Church offer space for individual and ensemble studies in piano and string instruments.  Visit our faculty page for a current roster of teachers.  Information for studies in instruments not listed is also availalbe upon request.  For more information, please contact George Tarasuk at or 312.835.2526.

Art Classes and Workshops  for Children and Adults

 Classes and workshops in the visual arts are taught in the Creation Space classroom, as well as additional light-filled classroom spaces located within Emmanuel Episcopal Church.  Classes and workshops are open to students of all ages, skill levels and backgrounds (classes are not church affiliated).  They are intended to foster lifelong creative expression and to nourish the creative spirit in all of us.  Rachel Weaver Rivera of Imagine Art Studio is the head of the Creation Space at the Kensington Arts Center.

Art Parties for Children and Adults

Call Rachel Weaver River at 773.203.6659 to book a party, then complete this registration form and bring to the event.




*1.5 hours, typically on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

*Includes party planning meeting, instruction and materials

*Birthday child chooses a special project for everyone to make

*Project takes 1 hour

*30 minutes for cake (you bring) and presents

*Up to 14 children maximum

*$20 per child



*Pick a project from teacher suggestions

*Add beverage and snacks (you bring) - wine, etc. is allowed.

*Party total time is 1.5 hours

*Up to 14 participants maximum

*$20 per person






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