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Kensington Arts Center


The Kensington Arts Center is a not for profit organization serving the greater La Grange area with high quality programs in visual arts and music.  The center is housed in historic Emmanuel Episcopal Church.   There are classrooms for art and music, and the sanctuary offers an architecturally significant space providing a stunning venue for music concerts  and art exibits.  It's the intention of the KAC to provide classes that celebrate the creativity of the human spirit, and to emphasize the fun in that process.  All are welcome at the KAC...all ages...all stages...all skill levels, whether to participate or listen or view.  Just bring your interest in the arts and prepare to enjoy!

We’d love to hear from you!

203 S Kensington | La Grange, IL | 60525 | email to

or call Cindy at 630.272.3636 for more information.

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